We Choose

Every person is an image bearer,
a child of the King.
Each one an intentional creation,
each a beautiful being.

Every life has intrinsic value,
a worth and a plan.
Every single person matters,
every woman, child, and man.

Every one deserving of respect,
of compassion and of care,
of love and of empathy,
and to be treated fair.

But how do we change the culture?
How do we make them see?
How do we begin the change?
Well, it starts with you and me.

We don’t conform to the ways of this world.
We don’t push and we don’t shove.
We don’t step over others.
We build them up through words of love.

We choose to change the way we think.
We’re careful with how we speak.
We choose to be tender and to be kind.
We choose to be gentle and meek.

We choose to be patient.
We choose to give, not take.
We choose to live like Jesus did.
This change is ours to make.

We have the Holy Spirit within us.
We have Christ’s power and His love.
We trust a strength that’s not our own
and provision from above.

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Bobbie Schae

Bobbie is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a homeschool mom, a blogger, and has a heart for sharing God with women in a way that is authentic and relatable.

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