The Love Offering

Do you need a little encouragement on how to find and connect with community? (Hint: It’s so much easier than we think!)

How about a little reminder that church can be that safe space where we grow closer to one another and to God?

Maybe you need a little pat on the back that says, “Hey, girl! This work that you do in the everyday with you’re In-Real-Life or your Over-The-Screen people has Jesus written all over it?”

What about a little hope that Sisterhood exists and that we can all scoot on over and make a little room at the table for one another?

My sweet friend Rachael Adams interviewed me for her Love Offering podcast and we had a great conversation about all of those things! 
it’s just the thing you need today to encourage your heart!

Here’s what Rachael had to say about it:

Bobbie Schae is building us up by encouraging us to create lasting and intentional community. Join us as we discuss honoring God amidst the craziness of life. How can you encourage someone today? Tag a friend who encourages you or someone you would like to encourage today. 
We discuss:
Keeping family priority
How society does relationships and how they can be done better
The local church and women’s ministry
Making space for all of us
Overcoming opposition
How to build others up

You can listen to our chat on the Love Offering podcast on your favorite platform or here:

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