The invitation is, “Welcome!”

The sun is setting just beyond the brim of my hat and I’m sitting cross legged in  my car with an iced coffee nearby, taking the words from my morning quiet time spent journaling with the Trinity and typing them into the daily devotions that make up this Devotional.

As I pause to take in the gold of the sky, the sweet vanilla in my coffee, and even the quiet of this parking lot as I wait for my kiddo to finish youth group, I’m hearing  the gentle voice of my Father.

Every moment is a whispered invitation that says,  “Welcome!  Come.  See.  Know.  Be.”

Even the hard moments are an invitation, and there seem to be many in this season.  I dare say, those are the ones I cherish most.  When it’s been a difficult day or when life is crunchy and my soul feels a bit brittle, the “Welcome!” islike an arms-stretched-wide call to an embrace that feels like love, peace, and home.

In the moments where I’m sad or hurt, the invitation  is, “Welcome!”.

When I’m angry and frustrated, the call is, “Welcome!”.

In fear and doubt, you guessed it, “Welcome!”.

In my pain and suffering, the call remains, “Welcome!”.

Even in my sin, guilt, and shame, the response never changes, it is always and forever, “Welcome!”.

Our God is not a God who is distant and unapproachable.  He is not one who requires us to come to His level in order to have a relationship with Him.  All He asks is that we be willing to humbly turn our heart towards Him.

When we do, the invitation will always be, “Welcome!”.

And that invitation isn’t only to us, it’s to any who would come.

To the broken, the messy, the religious without relationship, and the self righteous…

To the poor, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the elite, and the wealthy…

To every culture, every race, every ethnicity…

To every gender, to every age…

To every person…

The invitation is and forever will be, “Welcome!”.

And, I’m so grateful for that.

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