My Whole Being

Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we need to be made whole until we really invite God into the messy and broken places.

I’ve been on a journey towards wholeness for quite some time now. In 2019, I felt like my word for the year was Shalom. Shalom means peace, but it also means whole, complete, and in harmony. I fully embraced my word, having no idea the upside-down, inside-out, transformational process I was stepping in to.

You see, we are body, soul, and Spirit. For us to be whole and healthy, every party of our being needs to be moving towards Shalom. So often, we neglect the whole self and put all of our attention on getting just one part of us healthy. We can’t ignore the body and soul, while we only focus on the Spirit or we won’t be balanced. Our physical bodies can’t be at peace if our soul and spirit are ignored. One part, out of whack, disrupts everything.

Our whole self needs to be seeking Shalom.

In 2019, I committed to my journey. It hasn’t just been a one year journey, though. And it hasn’t always been easy. Shalom work is hard and holy work. God has been continually walking me toward peace, wholeness, completeness, and harmony in so many areas of my life these last two years.

I’m coming to understand that I may always be working towards Shalom. It’s an ongoing process and a lifelong journey. I believe every one’s walk toward wholeness and healing is.

It is no small task to find our wholeness, our healing, our completeness, our peace, and our identity entirely in the Father, Son, and Spirit.

So, I keep moving forward, one little Shalom step at a time. I keep unearthing areas that need His touch. I keep exposing the mess and letting Him mend. I keep inviting Him into the brokenness and asking Him to heal.

And He is.

I see Him bringing Shalom in my physical body as I train for a half marathon after an entire year of medical procedures to heal my legs. My strength is being restored and, with Him, I’m doing the work to bring Shalom to my physical body.

He’s been bringing wholeness to me emotionally and relationally, as well. Deep wounds have been healing, old unhealthy patterns are being broken, relationships and roles that I let define me now don’t, and I see God moving to help me become someone who has peace emotionally, mentally, and relationally. And while this work is often the hardest for me, I know God is leading me towards a deep soul Shalom.

I recognize that much progress toward Shalom has been made in my Spiritual journey, too. My relationship with my triune God is richer, deeper, and more personal than it’s ever been. I’m pressing in and He constantly meets me in the searching, questioning, probing, studying, learning, and healing that I’m doing. In Him, my faith is continually growing as I seek to go deeper with Him.

He is undoing me so that He can reshape me from the inside out.

I haven’t arrived yet. In fact, the farther I go the more work I see that needs to be done, but I’m grateful for the progress and committed to the journey towards being made whole, healed, complete, and at peace in Him.

Because of this, Psalm 35:9-10 resonates deep in my heart today.

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in His salvation. My WHOLE BEING will exclaim, “Who is like you, Lord?”

Psalm 35:9-10 NIV (emphasis my own)

My WHOLE BEING will praise Him because He is a God of Shalom. He is a God who wants to bring restoration, reconciliation, and redemption to all things.

You and me included.

But we have to be willing to enter in to the process. Healing and wholeness are worth the work. The journey isn’t easy but it’s necessary. God desires to bring Shalom to our whole selves, regardless of where we are and what we’re experiencing in our body, soul, or Spirit.

He is able. I believe it.

And if he will do it for me, I believe He will do it for you. Everyone’s Shalom journey is different. Yours won’t look like mine and mine won’t look like anyone else’s. But this I firmly believe, we are each called to step into the journey and invite God into the messy and the broken so that the work of healing and wholeness can begin and so that we can be complete and at peace.

Sweet friend, I’m praying that God does his powerful Shalom work in each of our lives and that we can say, “My WHOLE BEING rejoices and delights in Him”.

Because moving towards Shalom is moving toward freedom. It’s learning to own our voices and know our lane. It’s being confident in who we and and whose we are.

Shalom is embracing our calling, loving ourselves and others well, and experiencing God in the middle of every moment.

I want that for me and I want it for you. So, Let’s step in. Let’s wade deeper. Let’s embark on the journey with God and seek Shalom.

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