The Honoring Him Show on YouTube:

Honoring Him in the Craziness of Life- Videos to inspire you to Honor God no matter how crazy life gets! Each video will look at a new theme and explore ways that we can live a God honoring life through that theme. This channel will include chats with guests, share teaching videos, give tips and tools, and will be a place that you can return to when you need some encouragement in your own journey to honor Him in the craziness of your life!

Watch Honoring Him Through Soul Care episode 2- My Favorite Ways To Practice Soul Care

In this episode, I share some of my most favorite ways to practice soul care. I share how I stick to my daily quiet time, why I need worship music in my life, and how community is an important soul care practice for me.

Watch the Honoring Him through Soul Care- Theme Intro Video 1 for April’s topic of Self Care.

Is Soul care frivolous and selfish or is it a necessary part of our Christian walk?  How do we Honor Him through Soul Care? How do we care for our whole selves? Listen in as I give a quick overview on the theme for this month and introduce Bekah Pogue of Build A Sister Up.

Watch March’s Honoring Him Through Faithfulness Video with guest Gretchen Fleming.

In this video Gretchen and I chat about faithfulness.  We talked about how we can be faithful in parenting, how God is faithful in growing and changing us during difficult seasons, and how God’s faithfulness doesn’t always look like what may seem good to us in the moment.   This video is chock full of amazing truths that you won’t want to miss!