March Theme- Faithful

Do you know what I love about the month of March?  March brings a gentle reminder that after persevering through the cold and harsh reality of winter, hope awaits.   We have faith that Spring is on its’ way. We see that as new life bursts through all around us.  Green things sprout up from the soil.  Flowers and trees begin to bud with new growth.  Baby animals are born.  The sun, which seems to have been hidden for so long, finally peeks back out. March reminds us to keep holding on to hope, to keep persevering, and to keep pushing forward, because we can have faith that the fresh, new hope of Spring is just around the corner. Faith is all about trusting in the promises we hold true.  We know that Spring always follows winter.  It’s fact.  It’s true.  It’s a promise we can trust if we just hang