October BASU – Shontell Brewer

Every single month I get so excited to introduce you to another one of my friends!  It just makes me so happy to connect you with women who have a desire to walk with you as you walk this life of faith!  This month, I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to Shontell Brewer!  She’s a wife, mama, author, blogger, activist, you tuber, Taco Tuesday host, and a dear friend… she’s got a whole lot going on PLUS, her brand new book comes out later this month! She makes me laugh, she challenges me to love people well, and she encourages me to dig deeper into my relationship with Jesus.  You’re going to love getting to know her, so let’s get right into our interview! ****PS.  I’m launching something so cool this month with Shontell’s new book!  You can find it all the way at the end of the interview!  You