My Quiet Revolution: A Nose Ring That Was About So Much More Than A Nose Ring

Tuesday, I posted this picture on social media with text that read, “Sometimes, on a Tuesday, you’re feeling bold and decide to go red and get a tattoo.” My sweet friends on social media had so many kind things to say, but one comment struck me in particular. A friend commented that she’d wanted to get a nose ring for a long time, but worried how others might respond. She complimented me on being courageous enough to be myself. She had no idea how meaningful that comment was, not because I was fishing for kind words, but because that nose ring was my own little silent revolution. 2a: a sudden, radical, or complete change. …d: a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something  (from A Story About A Nose Ring That Was About So Much More Than A Nose Ring I had wanted to get my nose

Change Is In The Air: 31 Days Of Change

I just love new beginnings and fresh starts.  I love the opportunity to wipe the slate clean.  Today is the first day of a new month.  We are in a new season.  Change is in the air. And I’m so ready for change. My heart aches for it.  My soul longs for it. I want to truly grasp Christ’s love for me and rest easy in my identity in Him.  I want His love to overcome all the muck that weighs me down.  I want to understand the character of God and trust in Him fully.  Just like the seasons are visibly changing, I want to see real, evident change in my heart and in my life. Don’t you? I’m a tough nut to crack though, and change doesn’t come easy for me.  I’ve learned that on my own, I tend to just make things a big ol’ mess, so

To the Woman Who Feels Alone

Because To the Woman Who Feels Alone, On the outside things looks just fine.  No one knows the hurt that is constantly bubbling just under the surface.  No one understands just how hard you have to work to keep it hidden.  Your smile is firmly in place but your eyes show a tenderness that I recognize. I see how you keep your friendships superficial so that people can’t get too close.  People seem safer at an arms’ reach, but I remember the loneliness that kind of distance creates.  It feels like it should be freeing to not have anyone really know you, but after a while the solitude begins to feel suffocating. Maybe your business or your marriage or your dreams have failed.  Maybe you have some shameful secret that seems to be consuming you.  Maybe you are just desperately insecure and fearful.  Maybe you’ve been hurt one too many