I absolutely love being able to share my words with you over on the blog page, but there is just something about hearing someone’s voice or being able to connect to someone face to face.  Obviously, we can’t sit down for coffee and a chat together, but I’m excited to be able to share video content as another way for us to connect and share the message of Honoring Him in the craziness of life.

Yay for technology!  You can join me at any of the links below to watch the latest shows!  To see all of the episodes, go to the The Honoring Him page or the TUL UNCUT page.



Newest Shows:


Watch TUL UNCUT Episode 6 with Amanda Cave.

In this interview, I speak with writer/author/speaker Amanda Cave. Amanda shares how personal struggles with perfectionism and childhood pain pressed her towards a deeper understanding of the love and grace of Christ. She talks about the ineffectiveness of methods and techniques to address the human heart, and how the truth of the gospel message empowers believers in Christ towards lasting heart healing and change.


Watch Honoring Him Through Soul Care episode 2- My Favorite Ways To Practice Soul Care

In this episode, I share some of my most favorite ways to practice soul care. I share how I stick to my daily quiet time, why I need worship music in my life, and how community is an important soul care practice for me.