In-real-life and face-to-face is my favorite place to be!  It is powerful when women come together, that’s why I am always so excited when I have the opportunity to connect with your women’s group as a speaker for your event!

I love connecting with women, connecting them with one another, and helping them connect with Jesus!  Being a part of your conference, event, meeting, or group gives me the huge blessing and privilege to do all three of those things in person!  I’d be honored to visit you!

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Here are a few of the topics I speak on most:

For Such A Time As This:  Lessons From The Life of Esther- On Being Prepared, Practical, and Purposeful for our “for such a time as this” moment

This lesson talks about how we can look at the story of Esther and use her story as a blueprint on being prepared, practical, and purposeful as we walk in our own “for such a time as this” moment.  It encourages, equips, and empowers women to Honor Him through their calling.

-Honoring Him in the Craziness of Life: Establishing a Daily Routine That Draws You to Jesus

Bobbie loves to share practical ways that women can Honor God, even in the craziness of their everyday lives.  Bobbie is a firm believer that the best way to Honor God is to have a personal relationship with his son Jesus.  Bobbie shares an overview of her salvation story, her journey, and the ways that she honors Him in the craziness of her every day life by walking in her calling to encourage, empower, and equip women.  Bobbie shares her daily routine of carving out time to invest in building and strengthening her relationship with Jesus, learning God’s word, and prayer.  She gives Biblical and practical ways that women can Honor Him by having a daily routine that focus on those concepts.


-Soul Care:  Caring For Your Whole Self So You Can Do Kingdom Work

In a world that puts so much focus on caring for our physical selves, how do we care for our Soul?  How do we focus on keeping our whole self, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of us, healthy.  After all, we can’t pour from an empty glass.  It is time to shake off the negative connotations and realize that in order to walk fully in God’s calling and purpose, we must make soul care a priority.

Bobbie shares some Biblical and practical ways that we can Honor Him through Soul Care.


-Community and Connection

Real, authentic, deep friendships are hard to come by, but as women we crave connection.  Unfortunately, relationships between women in the world can often be challenging for a variety of reasons.  How can we foster friendships?  How can we have a good friend and be a good friend?  How do we overcome competition, comparison, and cattiness to bravely build community and connection?

Bobbie looks are what the Bible has to say about connection and community and gives practical ways to Honor Him through Friendship.


-Loving Well

As Christians we are called to love one another.  In a world where putting self first is prioritized, how do we focus on loving one another?  Bobbie looks at Biblical practical ways to love well in our most important relationships.  How do we love Jesus well?  How do we love our spouse and our children well?  How do we love our church well?  How do we love our community well?  How do we love our neighbors well?  How do we Honor Him by loving well?

– Our Story: Upcycled and Unashamed

Does our past have value?  Is our pain purposeful?  Can out trials be a part of our testimony?

Bobbie takes a look at what it means to have our stories upcycled in the hands of our Master Craftsman.  She empowers women to step into the truth of God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness and walk unashamed in His purpose for their lives.

Bobbie shares Biblical and practical insight about how we can Honor Him though our story.

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