I didn’t grown up in the church and I didn’t get to know Jesus until I was a young adult, but when I met him, He changed me completely.

I was a young woman who had made a mess of her life and when I ran out of options to fix tit, I “tried” Jesus. He and I have been journeying together ever since and it has been an interesting adventure.

I always felt a bit like a fish out of water in the church and with other believers. I fully accepted the grace of Jesus, but I was living like someone who had to earn their salvation by following all the rules of religion.

The Church and I had an on again off again kind of relationship as I struggled to find a place where what I was learning about Jesus in my Bible lined up with what I saw in church.

Community with other believers was a struggle. Church was tricky. I was learning a lot about my self and a lot about Jesus. I loved Him and I wanted to love the church, but I could never quite find my place within the body.

It’s funny how God works because nearly 20 years into my journey with Jesus, that’s where He has me. He called me to be a community builder. He has asked me to connect women to Him, to one another, and into his Body.

I believe in the power and the beauty of the local church. I love the coming together of believers. I think that coming together in the name of Jesus is world changing.

I see the way God is drawing His people together to shine as a light to the world around them, and I am grateful that I get to be a part of some incredible communities that do just that!

Now, instead of feeling like I don’t fit with other believers and like I don’t know where I belong in the body, I’m connecting women to Jesus, to one another, and into the Body of believers and I LOVE it!