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Today’s blog post is a little different.  I want to talk about plugging in to a community today and give you some practical ways to connect within a body of believers.  I don’t know about you, but community is so very important to me.  Having good, godly, like minded people in my life who help point me to Christ is a big priority.  It’s been one of the things that has brought about huge growth in my life.  For a long time, I didn’t really have a community and I felt a little lonely in my Christian walk.  I went to church and I read my Bible and had prayer time, but I didn’t really have much in the way of authentic Christian connections.  I knew something was missing.

God created us to function within a community or a body of believers.  It’s really lonely and even a little disheartening to live out your faith alone.  Obviously God gives us everything we need to be able to love Him, honor Him, and live for Him, even if we don’t have that community for support.  He is enough for us.  He is our friend, our Father, our comforter, our help, and our rock.  He is all we really need.

However, He wants us to join together within a body of believers to be an encouragement to one another and to lift each other up.  If you are in that place where you are walking with God, but you are doing it solo, I want to give you some practical ways to look for ways to plug in and connect with other believers.

One of my favorite ways to do this is though small groups.  Small groups are a huge passion of mine.  I co lead a small group with one of my sweet friends locally on Wednesday evenings.  I also participate in a family oriented small group through our church on Thursday evenings.  I’m looking at doing some online small groups with The Women In My World as well.  Small groups are my favorite!  If you find a good one, they are a place where real, authentic, friendships can be built and can grow.  I can’t even tell you how much I love these groups!  Leading small groupsjust fills my heart to overflowing!  I’m always awe struck by the way God can unite a seemingly random group of women and weave them into tight knit community.  Small groups often get together to study a book, the Bible, or watch book study videos together.  Look around in your city to see what’s offered.  Often local women’s ministries will offer small groups that you can participate in.  (The one I lead locally is through Inspire.). If you can’t find one, grab a few friends and get together for some regular prayer and study time.  I’m not a great teacher or leader, but you don’t have to be to lead a small group.  Small groups don’t have to be super formal.  All you need is a group that will commit to creating a safe place where you can openly and honestly communicate about your Faith.  It’s a lot less awkward than it sounds, I promise!  😉

If small groups aren’t really your thing, there are other ways to connect.  (Although, trust me, you are missing out on something spectacular!)  Look at local churches and see if they offer programs within their ladies ministry like Apples of Gold, MOPS, or other larger women’s ministries.  These can be a little less intimidating than small groups because there are more women and a little less intimacy.  I’ve participated in both of the above groups and have LOVED them.  They were a great way to kind on dip my toe into women’s ministry.

If these kinds of groups are still a little to intimate for you, then look for a larger women’s group.  Locally, I am on a women’s ministry team called Inspire.  It’s insanely amazing and I adore this ministry.  It meets quarterly and has a yearly retreat.  The meetings have had anywhere between 150-400 people.  We invite in a guest speaker and work diligently to create a place that is welcoming and loving.  We have an online and Facebook presence as well.  These larger women’s ministries are amazing because they allow for group connection and create that community that so many women long for, but they do it in a way that isn’t intimidating.

In this digital world that we live in, there are endless opportunities to connect online as well.  I work for a team called Fit Revival that is Dallas, TX based. It’s on Facebook and has a website that allows women to connect over fitness and faith.  It is a huge encouragement to me as I try to live out a healthy lifestyle in a way that honors God.  It’s pretty awesome too and something you should check out if fitness and faith are something you love.

I am the Director of Ministry and Creative Branding for a Hollywood, CA based women’s ministry called The Women In My World.  I love the close knit community that is building on our Facebook page.  Shari Rigby is the founder and leader and she has a heart of gold!  Her passion to serve and connect women is inspiring.  It’s a beautiful thing to share blogs, prayer, encouragement, and friendships with women across the world.  I’m always so excited to watch God bring women into this group and see them lifted up by this ministry.  I’m also really excited about the plans The Women In My World has in the future to create real life opportunities for connection as well.  I would love for you to head over to Facebook and like our page.  Share it with your friends and be a part of our community.  This is your invitation. 😉

Link up with some of these online ministries and use them as a community to learn and grow in.  They are valuable tools in our Christian lives and are so easy and convenient to participate in.

Friend other Christians on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, watch their interactions on periscope or blab.  Read blogs that will encourage you and point you to Christ.  Follow them so they contact you directly.  (hint. HINT!). That’s a great way to get frequent interaction.  I’ve made some very dear friends online that have helped me grow so much. Technology has made this world such a small place where connections are limitless.  Use these social media outlets as a way to build up your faith and to connect.

Ladies, there are so many amazing ways to join in a faith based community.  There are so many wonderful, God honoring communities to be a part of.  I really encourage you to check into some of the things that I’ve listed above and plug in.  You will be so pleased with the way these communities Can foster growth and connection!  God didn’t create you to walk alone.  Find a community to walk arm in arm with and get plugged in!

Love and blessings,


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