Hump Day Happiness

Hump Day Happiness:
It’s Wednesday and a little laugh might be just what we need to make it through the mid week slump.

Spending all day every day with my two boys provides countless opportunities for me to laugh out loud!
I like to hashtag my funny comments from my youngest, Gavin, as #gavinism.  He is full of funny little one liners that put me into a fit of side splitting laughter. Brayden is pretty funny too, usually without intending to be. He most often gets #MomOfATeen. When both boys are in on the fun, it is usually #boymom or #LifeWithBoys.

I’d love for you to share the laughs and comment with (appropriate) funny stories to give our little group a smile on Wednesdays!

Today’s Hump Day Happiness:

Gavin was telling me about his new book and how funny it was. He was pitching me ideas that the writer should have added to make it even funnier. I told him that he and I should partner together to write a children’s book.

Me: “You are super creative and I’m not a bad writer. We would be a great team!”
Gavin: “With my brains and your brawn, we would be unstoppable!”

Happy Wednesday!

Love and Blessings,


Ps.  I ran this Hump Day Happiness plan past the boys to be sure they didn’t mind me posting their funny stories.  Laughs don’t come cheap, ya’all!  I have to pay 2 Hershey’s kisses to Gavin every time I use one of his #gavinism lines! 😉

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He is not wrong about the brawn!!!

Lol! I love it Patty! Crossfit Sisters Unite! Unfortunately, when he said brawn, I’m not sure he was referring to the muscle that I’m trying to build, but rather the lack of it these days. 🙂

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