There are times I feel a little greedy when I come before my Father in prayer.  I have a long list of wants and needs to lay out before Him.  I know He hears my prayers and often answers them.  He wants me to cast my cares on Him and bring my needs before Him.  He has called me to do that and not to feel badly for bringing everything before His throne.

And I love that!  I love that such a mighty God cares so much about me and my needs.  I love that I can trust Him with that.  It gives me such a peace and such comfort!

And he doesn’t think I’m being greedy.  He knows I’m trusting.

However, this morning as I was reading 1 Chronicles 16, I got to thinking.

David sure praised God a lot and he was called a man after God’s own heart.

God sure praises us a lot too.  He calls us fearfully and wonderfully made, child of the King, beloved, and forgiven.  He reminds us all throughout scripture of his unfailing love towards us.

Can I be honest?  I’m not great at giving or receiving praise.  It makes me a little uncomfortable to receive praise.  I’m not a natural praise giver either.  I have to make a conscious decision to give praise because it isn’t something that just naturally flows out of me.  It use to feel very forced and foreign, but, the more I learn to give praise the more I’m learning how important it is.

Praise shows love.  It shows respect.

It is vital in relationships!

It’s important for me to praise my husband and my kids.  Important for me to praise my friends and family and those who are a blessing to me. It shows them that I love and appreciate them.  I need to do it way more often than I do.

It pretty vital for me to give God praise as well.

I think He enjoys our praise too.  Just maybe it makes Him feel loved and appreciated too.  Maybe I need to praise Him more often too.  Above all, He is worthy of praise.

This morning I wanted to be like David.  I laid aside my requests and my needs.  God knows my heart.  He already knows what I need and want.  Instead, I just took the time to praise Him.

And maybe I’m taking a little too much liberty here, but I think He enjoyed it.  I know I did.

And a funny thing happened as I began writing out my praise prayer to the Lord this morning, I felt a softening.  I felt a welling up of love and gratitude.  The more I thought about giving Him praise, the more reasons I found to praise Him.

Maybe that’s a little life lesson for me.  As I focus on giving praise and using my words to show love and respect, just maybe, my heart will continue to soften a little.  My perspective will continue to shift a little.  Just maybe my focus changes from receiving to giving.  And just maybe praising comes a little more naturally.

I think I may just give that theory a try!

Love and blessings,


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Over the last few weeks my husband and I have shifted our prayer strategy. It just felt like we needed to stop asking and start praising. I’d be lying if I said these life changes we’ve been going through have been easy. My health and eating, our decision for me to quit my full time job, the desire to sell our home and reinvest into growing his business… All BIG things that require lots of prayers and petitions. But it’s amazing how much peace we feel, even in the midst of so much unknown, when we just offer up praise and nothing more. Perhaps some would say it’s a coincidence that we feel more answers now than we did a month ago, but I know that isn’t so. Just resting in everything He’s done for us has been just what we’ve needed to remind us that He’s got it all in His hands. Struggle or no struggle we have more gifts than we can count and every opportunity in the world to continue to rejoice.

Great words, Bobbie! I need to brush off my blog this week. I’m inspired!

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