December BASU – Erika Dawson

Tis’ the season and I’m so very excited about it!  I love the holidays, the togetherness, the food, the festivities, and the opportunity to focus on Christ, the real meaning of Christmas.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy month to drop in and meet my sweet friend, Erika Dawson.

Erika has a beautiful blog that is overflowing with inspiration for mamas.  She also just released the Faithful Life Planner, a fantastic new resource that is going to rock your world.

Snuggle yourself up by a warm fire and reach for a hot cup of cocoa to sip.  Pull the blanket up a little tighter and get cozy, because you’re going to love getting to know Erika and her heart for moms.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Sure! My husband and I have been married for nearly 12 years, and we have 4 kids (9, 7, 5, & 3). I lead a growing community of women at where moms find practical tools and Biblical teaching to grow in their own faith and lead their kids to Jesus. I’m a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and I also have my Masters in education which led me to years teaching elementary school and then another handful of years as a children’s ministry director. I now spend my time teaching at our home church, writing and teaching online, and (trying) to nurture faith and faithfulness at home.

Coffee or tea?
I like both! In the morning I drink my coffee blended with coconut oil and grass fed butter (with a sprinkle of sugar across the top), and I usually enjoy a hot cup of tea at night once the kids are in bed.

Exercise or nap?
Exercise — the motivation isn’t always automatic, but I always feel better after a walk or a run.

Cake or pie?
If my grandma is making it, definitely pie.

High heels or sneakers?
Sneakers. I never have managed the fine art of high heels. 😉

Vacation or staycation?
Both! I love to travel, but since becoming a mom, there’s something I love about relaxing together at home with no agenda.

Early riser or sleep in?
Early riser. Getting out of bed can be hard, but I so enjoy the quiet of the morning and the start of a new day.

Read the book or watch the movie?
I love books and movies, but if it’s the film adaptation of a book, the book nearly always wins.

Dogs or cats?

Introvert or extrovert?

Country living or city girl?
I love both. We live in the country and visit the city often, so I’m living the best of both worlds.

Do you have any hobbies?
A hobby?! I’ve forgotten what those are! 😉 These days, I’d have to say my hobbies are reading, writing, and a good puzzle in the winter.

What are you listening to, reading, or watching that you are loving right now?
Listening to :: I have way too many podcasts I enjoy. Currently at the top of my list are Tony Evans’ The Alternative and Emily Freeman’s The Next Right Thing.

Reading :: I always have a few books going at a time. Currently I’m reading Jon Acuff’s Finish, slowly savoring John Baillie’s A Diary of Private Prayer, and re-reading Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

Watching :: This is Us

What are you passionate about?
The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t care how cliché that sounds, I have been transformed by the grace of God through Jesus, and I desperately need Him each day. I so want to help others experience and grow in this same grace and walk each day in faith and faithfulness.

What/where are you writing?
My blog is which focuses on helping moms and kids connect with God and each other, but most of my writing these days is done quietly in my journal. Maybe one day those words will sneak out in the world, but for now, God continues to work out in me the message I hope to one day write.

Are there any other projects or ministries that you are working on/with?
Currently my biggest project is creating and launching the Faithful Life Planner. The Faithful Life Planner isn’t like a lot of other planners. The goal isn’t to run harder or faster — or get all the boxes on your to-do list checked. The goal of the Faithful Life Planner is to help you connect with God and walk by faith in the plans He has for you. We so often attempt to fit God into our schedules, but the Faithful Life Planner helps us to fit our schedules around the plans God has for us.

How can we connect with you? (website, social media, events?)
Blog ::
Instagram :: @erikadawson
Facebook :: @ErikaSweetingDawson

What is an area that you’d like to grow in?
Faith. So much of my life used to be controlled by fear. God has done a revolutionary work in me over the years, transforming my fear into faith. But I feel as though He’s circling back around, taking me to deeper levels of trusting Him and stretching my understanding of what it means to believe even when I cannot see. I want to grow in faith – walk in confidence in God — that I might run with perseverance the race marked out for me :: to give when I do not have, to love when I do not feel, and to see to it that no one misses the grace of God (Heb. 12:15).

How can we build you up?
What a humbling question. Thank you for the blessing of your encouragement! Two things come to mind. First, prayer. Please pray that God will be honored in and through me. God’s Name and renown is the desire of my heart (Is. 26:8). Second, I would be so honored for you to share the Faithful Life Planner. This project is all God’s. He has orchestrated every detail, and I trust Him to continue. I truly believe He will use it to change women’s lives for His glory, and I need help getting it into their hands. Anything you can do to share this resource with women would be such an encouragement to me. Please also pray that God will use this tool for His glory!

Is there a parting thought you would like to share?
This thought from Elisabeth Elliott has been on my heart for some time now, “You can never lose what you have offered to Christ.” May we be women who give our lives away for the sake of the gospel and the people Jesus died to save.


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