August Build A Sister Up- Shari Rigby

This month Build A Sister Up is highlighting one of my very dearest friends!  I met Shari Rigby several years ago at a Gary Sinise Foundation event and it was immediately evident that we had kindred hearts!  We connected right away and have been close friends ever since!I always look forward to visiting Los Angeles so that I can connect with her.

She is one of my very favorite people to have deep, rich conversations with and the two of us can do some serious thrift store shopping when we get together.

You are going to love getting to know Shari.  It is rare to meet a woman who loves Jesus so whole heartedly and is committed to following Him and honoring Him in her life and in her career the way that Shari is.

I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, actress, writer, director, speaker, and producer, Shari Rigby.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?
First, I am a daughter of the King, then wife, mother, friend, lover of coffee and chips and salsa.  I have enjoyed an incredible life by doing the things I believed I was created to do.  I worked as a model for years representing numerous companies such as Mercedes Benz, Humira, American West Airlines, Suzuki, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cox Cable, and I started my film career with a lead in the Dove award winning music video, “Slow Fade,” by Casting Crowns.  I also appeared in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

I have appeared in the following feature films: Not Today, which received seven awards including an IFFF Spirit Award and Best Justice Film, October Baby, named one of the “Top 15 Impressive Box Office Performances of 2012” by CNN, and have had leading roles in Boonville Redemption, (starring Diane Ladd, Ed Asner), Wildflower, (starring Cody Longo and Nathalia Ramos), The Journalist, (starring Sharman Joshi and Stephen Baldwin) and the upcoming film, Extraordinary, (starring Karen Abercrombie, Leland Klassen and Lindsley Register).

I co-wrote my biography, Beautifully Flawed, with Claire Yorita Lee, which was published in March 2015. Plus, I have recently directed and co-wrote several short films, Birdie’s Song, nominated for 8 awards at the 168 Film Festival, and The Church That Never Sleeps for the LA Dream Center.

I am the Director of Broadcast Media for the Dream Center in Los Angeles and Executive Producer and director of the Dream Center show currently airing on the Daystar channel.

I’m passionate to serve others through the Dream Center Los Angeles.

I am the founder of “The Women In My World,” a women’s group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, serving others,mentoring and living life in Hollywood. I have also worked for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse. My greatest gift of all is my family. My husband, Matt and I have been married for twenty years and I have been blessed to raise two boys together.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee for sure full of yummy vanilla creamer

Exercise or nap?
This is a tough one but I will say exercise. I certainly see the importance of exercise as I get older.

Cake or pie?

High heels or sneakers?
Can I say boots?

Vacation or staycation?
Staycation. I travel so much that anytime I’m able to actually take a vacation, I want to stay home, sleep, eat and hike.

Early riser or sleep in?
Early riser.

Read the book or watch the movie?
Gosh, this one is tough. I’m really a lover of both but I will usually pick the movie.

Dogs or cats?
Dogs, I have 3.

Introvert or extrovert?
Both. I have come to understand that I need alone time to regroup and recharge but I enjoy catching up with friends, having some good laughs and great conversation. I really think that Jesus showed us how to be both and why we need both.

Country living or city girl?
City girl!

Do you have any hobbies?
Is thrifting a hobby? Haha, I love being outdoors, cooking and journaling.

What are you listening to, reading, or watching that you are loving right now?
Music: Plumb – God Help Me
Podcast: Revi Zacharias and Graham Cooke
Reading: Screenplay by Syd Field
Watching: Poldark IT’S AMAZING

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about empowering women to reach for their dreams no matter what.

What/where are you writing?
I’m writing several new projects.

  • A Youversion study Beautifully Flawed Part 1 – Lights, Camera & Action
  • A new 30 day devotional The Ultimate Romance
  • A screenplay – An Untitled Thriller

My writing time takes place in my living room in front of my fireplace with a large cup of warm coffee. Truly amazing God time as I see Him write through me.

Are there any other projects or ministries that you are working on/with?
I work with the Dream Center serving on their media team. I have gone back full-time to mentoring this year. I have 5 new women that have come to Los Angeles to pursue their careers in the entertainment biz. I am having a Night of Worship for The Women In My World on Aug. 25th kicking off the fall group.

How can we connect with you? (website, social media, events?)
My website is
On Instagram, Facebook and twitter:
The Women In My World on FB

What is an area that you’d like to grow in?
If this is for personal growth, then it would be “being time efficient.” I have a lot of projects going simultaneously and need to be ultra focused to accomplish each one.

How can we build you up?
Praying, sharing about my film, Extraordinary, my book Beautifully Flawed, and my social media feeds with others. Really I find that “grass root” marketing and advertising is the best way to grow your project’s awareness and to connect with people.

Is there a parting thought you would like to share?
I would share the following thoughts from my favorite pieces from my book, Beautifully Flawed:

“I still get lost sometimes, but the difference now is that I know who I am. My  identity lies in someone so much greater than I am, in a Savior who loves me. That speaks to me and reminds me that the only approval I need is from Him, not man. I am called lovey, beautiful, and gifted. And each day I die to myself in order to become what I was purposefully created for, giving Him control so that I can do what it is He has called me to do.” ~ Shari Rigby, Beautifully Flawed

Shari’s book Beautifully Flawed is available on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.


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