I wanted to have a place where I could connect you to some of my favorite things!  These are things that I love.  They draw me closer to Jesus, they help me honor Him, and they make my heart happy!  I’m happy to be able to share them with you and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

*When this blog includes links to products on other reatailers’ websites or to other blogs, those may be affiliate links.  If a reader purchases a product after clicking on the affiliate link, I may recieve compensation from the other online retailer.  I also occasionally complimentary copies of books to review.  I promise to give my honest opinion on all items I review.

What I’m Hashtagging

Do you search hashtags on social media?  Its a great way to find related material and see all of your favorites in one place.  You can always fine me at #bobbieschae, but here are some more fun hashtags I’m using.

On social media I’m using #graceupongrace to share about God’s abundant goodness and grace in the everyday.  

I’m always using the #honoringhim in all of my blog related posts because that’s the whole point of all of my writing.

 You can find my best kiddos stories at #gavinism, #boymom, and #momofateen.

I’m sharing the Build A Sister Up posts with #BuildASisterUp.

All things repurposed get the hashtag #repurposed and #dropleafdesigns.

What I’m Reading

Right now I’m reading Andrea Lucado’s new book, English Lessons.  

If you have ever navigated a season where your faith felt a little shakey, where you questioned who and what you believed, where drew strength from those whose faith felt stronger, and where you pressed in close to God to understand Him, then this book is for you!  I read it in two days and sat there saying, “me too!” the whole time.   

You can order it on amazon at http://www.amazon.com/English-Lessons-Crooked-Grace-Filled-Growing/dp/1601428952

What I’m Wearing

Persimmon Prints has super cute tees, totes, sweaters, and other products that you will just love! I adore their mission to FILL people’s lives with God’s printed word, FIX their hearts on Him, and FIGHT for those in need.

You can Order here with my affiliate link. Don’t forget to use the code :WELCOME to save 15%!

This is one of my favorite tips from their collection! It’s so cute and so cozy!

What I’m Watching

This new show on the Day Star network is so inspiring.  My sweet friend Shari Rigby is Directing and Producing it for The Dream Center in Los Angeles.  I love the ministry of the Dream Center and am so moved by the stories shared on this show.  If you don’t have Day Star, you can watch online!  It’s a great way to wrap up your Sunday!

What I’m loving right now:


I have gotten into the habit of putting on my Beats headphones, hopping on my treadmill, and listening to podcasts.  It’s a great way to geek out listening to some of my favorite authors, podcasters, and speakers while I get a little exercise in!

My two favorites are the Declare Podcast with Anne Watson http://www.declareconference.com/declare-podcast/

and the Inspired To Action Podcast with Kat Lee at http://www.inspiredtoaction.com/thepodcast