I wanted to have a place where I could connect you to some of my favorite things!  These are things that I love.  They draw me closer to Jesus, they help me honor Him, or they just make my heart happy!  I’m happy to be able to share them with you and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

What I’m Wearing

I’m a big believer in empowering women, that’s why I’ve partnered with Trades of Hope.  I’m to be a Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneur because I believe women world wide deserve a dignified and safe work environment. They deserve to keep their children, educate them, and have clean water to drink every single day! They deserve to have a career that gives them hope for a better future for themselves and their families.

Trades of Hope is changing the world, one woman and one beautiful artisan crafted piece at a time.
And you can be a part of the change too. We all can make a difference. Will you join me?

Your purchase at Trades of Hope empowers women and creates change!
You get a beautiful pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or maybe a journal or bag, and you give a woman a chance at a better life.

I’m loving these Free Spirit Earrings.

In Nepal, most women are not considered equal to men in society. This leads to a lack of confidence, privilege and education. However, with Trades of Hope, these women are gaining a sense of worth by becoming strong and self-reliant by creating beautiful products.  Purchase this piece and empower a woman in Nepal!


I’m also have been wearing this Warrior Cuff with everything!  

The poverty cycle in India continues primarily because of the lack of proper education. Most schools are not free in India and many cannot afford to send their children to school. Girls’ educations are often neglected as they are considered burdens on their families. Therefore, many children never learn to read or write and grow up to very limited opportunities. However, through this artisan group, futures are being transformed. Women are being empowered and their children are provided with a free education. An impact to be felt for generations to come. 
Purchase this piece and empower a woman in India! 

You can learn more about Trades of Hope and see all of my favorite Trades of Hope pieces on my Trades of Hope page. 


What I’m Reading

Right now I’m reading Bekah Pogue’s book Choosing Real: An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned.  This book is like a refreshing drink of cool water for my soul.  Bekah walks with us into life’s unplanned circumstances and reminds us it is in those very moments where God invites us to notice, respond, and even celebrate an authentic relationship with Him.  She points readers to a connection between real life and faith so that they are one and the same.  I’m LOVING it!

Here are a few books that are coming out soon that I’m really excited about : (I’m so excited about them that I’m on the launch team to help spread the word about them all!  Teamwork makes the dream work!)

Bob Goff’s new book, Everybody Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

Ann Voskamp’s latest book, The Way of Abundance: A 60 Day Journey into a Deeply Meaningful Life



What Tools I love

I love the Trades of Hope Voyager Journal as a self care tool for this month.  There is such power in journaling out our thoughts, our feelings, our prayers, the things we are grateful for, and noting the ways we feel God moving in our lives.


What I’m Hashtagging

Do you search hashtags on social media?  Its a great way to find related material and see all of your favorites in one place.  You can always fine me at #bobbieschae, but here are some more fun hashtags I’m using.

On social media I’m using #thatupcycledlife to share TUL and its’ work and #TULUNCUT for the TUL UNCUT show. 

I’m always using the #bobbieschae in all of my writing related posts so that I’m easy to find, and I use #honoringhim because that’s the whole point of all of my writing.  You can also find the Honoring Him show by using that hastag.

 You can find my best kiddos stories at #gavinism, #boymom, and #momofateen.

I’m sharing the Build A Sister Up posts with #BuildASisterUp.

All things Drop Leaf Designs get the hashtag #dropleafdesigns.

What I’m Watching

That Upcycled Life and TUL UNCUT of course!  TUL is DIY meets inspirational stories and faith based entertainment.  I love it and the episodes are short enough that I can binge guilt free!

You can find our youtube channel here.

What I’m loving right now:


I have gotten into the habit of putting on my Beats headphones, hopping on my treadmill, and listening to podcasts.  It’s a great way to geek out listening to some of my favorite authors, podcasters, and speakers while I get a little exercise in!

Some of my favorites are the Declare Podcast with Anne Watson 

The Mom Struggling Well Podcast with Emily Thomas 

and the Inspired To Action Podcast with Kat Lee 


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